Red foxes are opportunistic creatures that have the ability to adapt to any habitat and will take advantage of any available food source.  Their diet consists of small mammals, birds, bird eggs, insects, reptiles, fruit, vegetables and carrion.  In urban areas diet will also include scavenged waste and food deliberately provided by householders.  While foxes are predominantly nocturnal creatures, it is becoming increasingly common to see foxes active during the day in urban areas.  Foxes usually shelter and breed underground in an earth or den.  In urban areas they will also live beneath sheds, outbuildings, decking and even under the floorboards of buildings.

Foxes breed once a year and females produce a litter of between 4 to 7 cubs from February to early May.  Cubs usually remain with the vixen until the autumn and will usually only travel between 2-5 miles in their search for a new location.  Foxes pose many problems both in rural and urban areas.  It is estimated that there are in the region of 33,000 foxes living in urban areas.  Problems caused include digging and damage to gardens, gaining access to properties, fouling in gardens, public parks and play areas and attacks on domestic pets.  In rural areas foxes prey on and cause physical injuries and death to livestock and will often leave a trail of destruction killing far more than it can consume.

Foxes can carry a range of parasites and diseases relevant to the health of domestic pets and humans.  Toxocariasis is the most common disease which foxes are likely to transmit to humans.  Weils Disease is a potentially life threatening disease and can be transmitted to both humans and domestic pets via contact with fox urine.  Sarcoptic Mange is a highly contagious skin condition caused by mites.  Foxes can pass this mange on to dogs if they frequent each others living space.  Fleas and ticks are also carried by foxes.

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