Agricultural Pest Control Services by Bradford Pest Control

No matter what type of agricultural business you are in, we have the right pest control solution for you.

"Pest control can take many forms and for us at Bradford Pest Control it is always about helping to protect your business"

We provide services to customers in a wide variety of agricultural industries.  When you choose Bradford Pest Control, you choose a company that addresses your specific needs and delivers solutions to ensure our pest control services meet our high quality standards - and most importantly, yours.

All our vehicles are sign free ensuring discretion at all times.

Pests may be small, but their cost to your business can be huge.

  • Structural damage
  • Damage to stock and raw materials
  • Violation of Health and Safety regualtions
  • Food poisoning
  • Transmission of harmful diseases
  • Negative customer experiences
  • Damage to reputation
These can be extremely detrimental to your business and your business reputation, causing unnecessary loss of revenue and custom.

Bradford Pest Control has been protecting business' like yours for over 20 years.  By combining a deep knowledge and understanding in the control of agricultural pests, the access to a wide range of new and tried and tested products and methods, it's no wonder that so many business' in the agricultural industry employ our services.