Ant Pest Control – FAQ

How to identify adults

Ants are tiny six legged insects that are extremely strong and can lift up to 20 times their own body weight.  They have two eyes that are made up of many smaller eyes and no ears.  They 'hear' by picking up vibrations from the ground with their feet.  Ants do not have lungs, they take in oxygen through tiny holes that are situated all over their bodies.
Black Ants are the most common species of ant found in the UK.  While Black Ants remain the most common nuisance, other more troublesome species such as the Pharaoh's Ant and Ghost Ant are on the increase.
Black Ants - the workers are 4-5mm long and the queens are 15mm long.  They are dark brown-black in colour and have one small segment at waist point (pedicel).  They do not have a sting.
Pharaoh's Ant - The workers are 1.5 - 2mm long and are yellow brown in colour.  The queens are 3 - 5.6mm long, dark red in colour and have wings.  Both the workers and queen have two small segments at the pedicel.
Ghost Ants - The workers are 1.3 - 1.6mm long and the queens are 2.5mm long.  They have a dark coloured head and thorax and pale/translucent legs and abdomen and are very difficult to spot, hence the name Ghost Ant.

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Signs of an ant problem

Black Ants are relatively easy to see in their adult stage.  A Black Ant colony contains only one queen and between 4000 and 7000 workers.  A larger colony can contain up to 15000 workers.  The queens winter in soil and eggs are laid in late spring.  On hot day between June and September, makes and females from many colonies take flight and mate.  The new queens lose their wings and burrow underground waiting for the arrival of spring.  Black Ants tend to build their nests in lawns, flower beds, beneath paving stones and at the base of walls.  Their nesting sites are usually visible by the appearance of small volcano type structures of soil and sand.  These are the entrances to the underground nesting site.

Pharaoh's Ants live in colonies that can range in size from a few dozen to 300,000 and there are usually many queens in one colony.  This ensures that queens can be replaced and that the colony survives indefinitely.  Their need for warm humid conditions means that in the UK they are confined to buildings.  Infestations can be found in a wide variety of locations including, residential blocks, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, food handling premises and zoos.  Signs of an infestation can include trailing ant patterns on the walls of a building, pet food dishes and bathrooms are usually used by the ants as source of food and water, rubbish bins and food storage can also show signs.

Ghost Ants can be very hard to spot due to their very small size and translucent colouration.  They are highly adaptable nesters, capable of living indoors and out doors, although in the UK they are normally found nesting inside of buildings.  They are attracted to high moisture areas and can be found in kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Colonies can occupy several nesting sites.

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Why do I have an ant problem?

Black Ants come indoors in their search for food to carry back to the nest.  They are attracted to sweet substances but are an omnivorous insect, which means they will eat any type of edible substance that they can find.  They are attracted to uncovered food and empty food packaging and containers.  The Pharaoh's Ant and Ghost Ant both require warm and humid conditions and nest inside buildings in the UK.

How serious is an ant problem?

Black Ants - Although Black Ants are generally harmless, they don't make a pleasant house guest!  They do not have a sting, their jaws are their main defence.  However ants found in the home may have travelled through dirty areas and could contaminate uncovered food.
Pharaoh's Ant - Although these ants do not sting, they can bite.  These bites are not poisonous but they can cause pain and transmit diseases.  These pests can contaminate sterile equipment and materials, food and even wounds in flesh.
Ghost Ants - Ghost Ants usually do not bite unless their nest is threatened.  Most Ghost Ant bites only result in a little discomfort with little or no evidence of a reaction.  However, since this ant is closely associated with the kitchen and bathroom, their most important impact can be the transfer of disease organisms.  

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Can I get rid of ants myself?

We receive many calls asking how to get rid of ants.  It is recommended that a professional pest control company is used to eliminate these tiny pests.  Although there are products available to the general public, a professional pest control service will have access to licensed products specifically formulated to get rid of ants.  
You can deter these insect pests from invading your premises by:
  • Storing all food in sealed containers.
  • Regularly wiping down surfaces.
  • Keeping your home clean of crumbs.
  • Avoiding leaving dirty dishes standing in the sink.

Our ant control treatment

  • Upon making contact with our professional pest control team, an appointment will be made at your convenience to visit your home or business premises.
  • Our professional pest control technician will examine your property and identify the problem.
  • On completion of the inspection and an assessment of the situation, the technician will recommend the best cause of action to get rid of ants.
  • Our technician will use the best tools and professional use products to treat the ant problem.
  • Our knowledgeable technician will offer advice and solutions to prevent the ant problem from reoccurring.

Do I need to do anything before treatment?

No you don't need to do anything at all.  Our professional technician will ensure that our service is carried out quickly and safely ensuring peace of mind for you and your family or business.